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"The capabilities of data analytics extend far beyond cybersecurity. While securing our digital world is an immediate and pressing need, the power of data analytics can be harnessed to drive progress in awide range of sectors."


Strong Data.
Strong Business.

End-to-End SOC Services To Protect Your Business

Continuous monitoring, detection, response, and compliance through our advanced  data analytic platform.


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AI and ML technologies allow us to automate cybersecurity processes, freeing up human analysts to focus on more complex and strategic tasks. For instance, automated systems can monitor networks and systems 24/7, alerting analysts only when a potential threat is detected.

Data Analytics is the process of extracting, cleaning, and examining raw data to draw conclusions or make informed decisions. It uses various tools and techniques to understand patterns and trends in data, thereby helping businesses to make strategic decisions.

ML algorithms can analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify patterns and relationships that might be invisible to the human eye. AI can automate the process of data normalization, transforming a wide variety of data types into a consistent, structured format for analysis.


End-to-End SOC Services
To Protect Your Business

Comprehensive Threat Detection and Response Services


Our SOC solutions provide 24/7/365 monitoring, threat hunting, incident response and compliance reporting powered by our hand-picked team of certified cybersecurity specialists.


We go beyond basic log analysis to provide full detection, investigation and response capabilities tailored to your environment.

Via our centralized data lake, we ingest logs and alerts from your entire IT infrastructure - cloud, on-prem, endpoints, networks - for comprehensive coverage.


Our analysts leverage cutting-edge technologies like SIEM, machine learning and threat intelligence to quickly identify real attacks.

We seamlessly integrate with your existing security stack while filling any gaps with solutions vetted by our researchers.


This allows us to build a custom defense plan combining the best people, processes and technologies to
meet your specific operational needs.

Capabilities overview

Our SOC solutions provide complete outsourced or co-managed security operation capabilities tailored to your specific requirements. We offer integrated threat detection, response, log analysis, reporting and compliance powered by proven processes, cutting-edge tech like Stellar Cyber and highly qualified personnel.
Threat Detection & Response
Our SOC platform ingests billions of security events and alerts daily, normalizing via our specialized data lake. Leveraging SIEM, UEBA, and ML, our expert
SOC analysts hunt continuously for known and unknown threats. We tune detection rules based on your infrastructure, risk profile and threat landscape. Analysts triage alerts in real-time and initiate response per SLA - containing threats before they spread. Augmenting internal data with external intelligence, we identify and block known bad actors.
Log Management & Analysis
We centralize and normalize log data from across your environment, including cloud, network, endpoint, identity, OT and more. Applying advanced analytics,
we gain visibility into activity patterns and service health to identify anomalies, abuse and operational gaps. Our forensic log review capabilities support incident investigations and compliance audits.
Compliance & Reporting
Our SOC monitors your environment continuously for adherence with regulations like PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO27001 and more. We schedule compliance audits, review evidence, identify gaps and provide detailed remediation guidance. Customized reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility into your compliance posture.
Vulnerability Management
Our vulnerability management services scan your entire environment continuously, mapping your attack surface to identify misconfigurations, unpatched systems, risky endpoints and open ports. Prioritizing based on severity and exploitability, we notify your team for rapid remediation of
critical flaws before adversaries exploit them.

Contact us today to get started securing your business with
our full-spectrum, advanced SOC capabilities!



Founded in 2023, our mission is to empower companies driving human progress to defend themselves against those who seek to do harm.

With decades of combined experience
in cybersecurity, cloud, AI and more, we established our company to protect organizations whose innovation
and values contribute to society's advancement. We believe strongly in fostering a free, democratic world
where technology improves life.

Founders: Achim Kraus, Gerald Hahn



Our team of ethical hackers, security experts and technology specialists are united by the vision of a better, safer online world. We innovate tirelessly to meet emerging threats, so clients can focus on driving progress without disruption.

By supporting businesses' digital
growth and transformation securely,
we help protect the jobs, services and innovations that improve quality of life. We are proud to play a part advancing society while defending it from those who would do it harm.



We know firsthand the damage cybercriminals inflict upon hard-working, honest companies. These malicious
actors enrich themselves while harming businesses, economies, freedom and democracy itself.

We are driven to give businesses the security capabilities needed to combat these threats. Our services defend companies from criminals seeking to steal, disrupt and damage what others have worked honorably to build.



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