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AEGYS DATALYTICS is revolutionizing Security Operations Centers (SOC) by integrating Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Data Lake technologies for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

About Us

01 / Our Mission

Founded in 2023, our mission is to empower companies driving human progress to defend themselves against those who seek to do harm.
With decades of combined experience in cybersecurity, cloud, AI and more, we established our company to protect organizations whose innovation and values contribute to society's advancement. We believe strongly in fostering a free, democratic world where technology improves life.

02 / Fighting What's Wrong

We know firsthand the damage cybercriminals inflict upon hard-working, honest companies. These malicious actors enrich themselves while harming businesses, economies, freedom and democracy itself.

We are driven to give businesses the security capabilities needed to combat these threats. Our services defend companies from criminals seeking to steal, disrupt and damage what others have worked honorably to build.

03 / Doing What's Right

Our team of ethical hackers, security experts and technology specialists are united by the vision of a better, safer online world. We innovate tirelessly to meet emerging threats, so clients can focus on driving progress without disruption.

By supporting businesses' digital growth and transformation securely, we help protect the jobs, services and innovations that improve quality of life. We are proud to play a part advancing society while defending it from those who would do it harm.

04 / Leadership Bios

Achim Kraus brings over 30 years of hands-on cybersecurity experience to our company as a respected founding member. Having worked for pioneers like IronPort and Palo Alto, he has been at the forefront deploying innovative technologies that redefined security.

In addition to his extensive technical expertise, Achim has established and operated SOC teams for Fortune 500 companies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. This global experience has given him deep understanding of how to build 24/7 security operations using creative approaches tailored to each environment.

With his passion for data analysis and thinking outside the box, Achim brings invaluable perspective on optimizing SOC workflows, harnessing meaningful metrics and keeping effectiveness high even in complex global deployments.

His technical leadership and worldwide SOC proficiency shape our solutions and service offerings as we aim to reimagine the managed SOC. Achim's insights ensure our customers gain flexible, premier security operations backed by decades of proven real-world experience.

Gerald Hahn brings over 25 years of cybersecurity expertise to our company as a founding member. His diverse background spans technical, sales, entrepreneurial and executive leadership roles across startups and industry leaders alike.

Previously, Gerald served as Chairman of Softshell AG, rapidly expanding the distributorship by pioneering a new go-to-market model for cyber vendors entering DACH. As Country Manager for Gatewatcher, he led regional operations across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and CEE.

With his deep technical grounding and innate understanding of enterprise needs, Gerald guides our company's vision to transform SOC delivery. His intimate knowledge of our market ensures our solutions evolve continuously to protect against the latest threat landscape.

Gerald believes deeply in an entrepreneurial approach to management, combining innovation with a commitment to clients' vital interests. This passion for customer-centric business building makes him perfectly suited for our journey.

05 / Our Values and Culture

Building a Culture of Excellence and Purpose
At our company, our values drive our culture and unify us in working towards a greater mission. We seek to foster a supportive community grounded in ethics and excellence.

Trust - We cultivate transparency and open communication internally. With clients, we act with integrity and discretion, earning trusted partnership.
Innovation - We constantly improve, creatively tackling challenges and pioneering new solutions. Complacency has no place here.

Service - Our clients' needs come first. We take pride in delivering 5-star service and outcomes.

Expertise - We never stop learning and leveling up our skills. Our teams are masters in their craft.

Diversity - We embrace diverse backgrounds and respect every individual. Fresh perspectives make us better.

Collaboration - We work together, across teams and roles, to achieve shared goals. Our collective effort drives our success.

By living these values, we build an ethical, empowered culture where security pioneers thrive and purpose-driven work prevails. We protect our clients, people and principles - driving progress for all.



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