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Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Offer Overview
- On-demand strategic cybersecurity leadership and expertise provided remotely by seasoned CISOs
- Cost-effective way to have access to C-suite level security guidance without full-time CISO salary
- Ideal for growing companies that need security leadership before hiring a full internal team

Services Offered
- Security program strategy, roadmap and framework development
- Security policy and compliance guidance aligned to industry standards

- Risk assessments evaluating vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation
- Incident response planning and execution
- Security vendor selection advice and evaluation
- Security team organizational design and hiring support
- Executive and board security education and advice
- Budgeting and resource planning for security initiatives

- Audit support and liaison with regulators
Value Proposition
- Proven CISO expertise available on-demand for fraction of salary cost
- Helps companies cost-effectively build enterprise-grade
security foundations
- Allows focus on core business growth with reduced risk
and compliance burdens

- Vetted network of vCISOs with experience advising
companies in your industry
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