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01 / Incident Investigation

Our SOC platform leverages cutting-edge investigative tools and forensic techniques to provide in-depth analysis of security incidents and breaches. We determine root causes, quantify business impacts, and capture evidence to guide effective response.

Our investigative capabilities include:

  • Detailed timeline analysis - Reconstruct sequences of events leading up to and during an attack using aggregated logs and reverse engineering.

  • Compromised system isolation - Identify affected systems and safely contain them to preserve forensic artifacts.

  • Malware analysis - Safely dissect malware samples to understand behaviors, capabilities, and attribution.

  • Network forensics

  • Inspect packet-level network traffic using capture and analytics to reconstruct attacks.

  • Cloud forensics - Investigate compromised cloud resources and activities using native auditing and tracing.

  • Threat intelligence enrichment

  • Enhance investigations using intel on known bad actors, TTPs, and tools.

  • Impact and damage assessment

  • Evaluate effects of incidents on operations, finances, legal liability and reputation.

  • Evidence preservation

  • Carefully collect and store forensic artifacts to support legal action if desired.

02 / Proactive Threat Hunting

We also conduct continuous proactive threat hunts to identify adversaries that may be lurking in your environment before incidents occur. Leveraging analytics, deception technology, and expert intuition, our hunts maximize risk reduction.

Our hunting capabilities include:

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Identify anomalies indicative of threat actor behaviors.

  • Deception - Deploy traps and lures to draw out threats and study tactics.

  • Pattern matching - Scan for known attack patterns and IoCs associated with advanced adversaries.

  • Log analysis

  • Mine aggregated log data using statistical analysis, machine learning, and quering.

  • Endpoint detection

  • Detect memory injections, credential theft, privilege escalation and other suspicious activities.

Get industry-leading incident response and threat hunting from our team of forensics experts.

Incident Investigation
Incident Investigation and Forensic Analysis

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