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Log Analysis and Correlation
Advanced Log Analytics for Threat Detection and Incident Investigation

Log Analysis.png
01 / Aggregation and Normalization

Our SOC platform aggregates and normalizes log data from across your networked environment and security infrastructure to enable advanced analytics, threat detection, and forensic investigations.

02 / Data Ingestion

We ingest firewall, IDS/IPS, endpoint, identity, authentication, cloud, and custom application logs into our high-performance security analytics platform. Sophisticated correlation analysis techniques help uncover threats and anomalies.

03 / Detection

For detection, we leverage:

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Identify anomalies indicative of malicious behaviors across users,          endpoints, networks.

  • Pattern matching

  • Detect attack patterns, IoCs, policy violations across logs.

  • Machine learning

  • Train models on large log datasets to detect emerging threat patterns.

04 / Investigation

For investigations, we specialize in:

  • Statistical analysis

  • Identify significant deviations from normal baselines.

  • Link analysis

  • Visually map relationships between events and identities.

  • Timeline analysis

  • Reconstruct incident timelines across disparate log sources.

  • Forensic querying

  • Ad hoc hunting for indicators of compromise.

05 / Log Analytic 

We provide log analysis as a core SOC service or can deploy our platform on-premises/private cloud for hybrid deployments. Get unparalleled visibility into threats targeting your organization.

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