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Services for SOC's 
Monitoring, Detection & Response

24/7 Monitoring, Threat Hunting and Incident Response

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01 / Monitoring

Our SOC platform continuously monitors your endpoints, network, cloud environments and more for threats and anomalies. We ingest billions of security events, analyzing with AI/ML for early detection.

02 / Behavior Analytics

Leveraging behavior analytics, deception technology and known attack patterns, our expert analysts hunt proactively to identify advanced threats that evade automated systems.

03 / Notification

When incidents occur, our platform initiates containment and remediation following established playbooks and workflows. We notify clients per SLAs, advise on impact/root cause analysis and ensure threats are fully eliminated

04 / Key Capabilities
  • Log analysis and correlation

  • Intrusion detection with virtual patching

  • Malware and anomaly detection

  • DDoS and breach detection

  • Incident classification, triage and assignment

  • Forensic investigations

  • Containment through custom script execution

Our platform's comprehensive monitoring, threat hunting, and response services offer 24/7 coverage, effectively reducing business risk and maximizing the efficiency of security teams.
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