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01 / Bi-Directional Integration

Our SOC platform provides seamless bi-directional integration across leading security technologies to maximize the value of your existing security investments. We help overcome tool sprawl by consolidating fragmented solutions into a unified analytics and response engine.

Robust Connectivity and Normalization
Via cloud connectors, APIs, log ingestion, and agent-based integrations, we rapidly link data across endpoints, networks, clouds, identities, and custom applications. Robust connectors translate vendor-specific data models into a normalized schema for correlation.

We can integrate log, event, audit trail, alert, vulnerability, threat intel, and other data types from security solutions. This provides a holistic view and enables connecting dots between detection silos.

Maximized Solution Value
With streamlined interoperability across your technologies, we enhance monitoring, hunting, incident investigation and compliance use cases. Our specialists ensure proper API usage, efficient data flows, and optimal configuration tailored to your stack.

Get started on integrating your security tools with our SOC platform today!

02 / What We Integrate

Leveraging our advanced XDR capabilities, we rapidly ingest data from leading EPP, EDR, firewall, secure web gateway, IAM, email security, and custom security solutions via APIs, log collection, and lightweight agents.

Our platform normalizes and correlates this data to uncover hidden threats that individual tools miss. We translate vendor-specific data models into a unified schema using field mapping, tagging, timestamps, identifiers, and other correlation techniques.

Tight integrations with solutions such as

  • CrowdStrike

  • Palo Alto

  • Azure Sentinel

  • Splunk 

  • Okta

  • and many others

provide enhanced monitoring, detection, and response workflows. Bi-directional syncing automatically updates threats between systems.

Our integration factory streamlines linking new data sources using proven connectors and recipes tailored to each product's API capabilities. We ensure efficient and reliable data flows between your security stack and our SOC platform, optimizing value.

With consolidated data and deep tool integrations, we gain unified visibility to detect threats across your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. Contact us today to optimize and centralize your security stack!

03 / Integration with Virtual and Security Solutions

Our platform can integrate with virtually any security solution across endpoints, networks, clouds, identities, and custom applications, including:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR/EPP): CrowdStrike, Carbon Black, Microsoft Defender, SentinelOne, etc.

  • Network Security: Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, etc.

  • Cloud Security: Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Zscaler, Netskope, AWS Security Hub, etc.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Okta, Ping Identity, SailPoint, etc.

  • SIEM and Analytics: Splunk, IBM QRadar, Rapid7 InsightIDR, Sumo Logic - Vulnerability scanning: Qualys, Rapid7,, etc.

  • SOAR and XDR: Demisto, Swimlane, Stellar Cyber, etc.


We develop reliable, bi-directional connectors for leading solutions in each category to ingest alerts, events, audit logs, vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, and other essential data feeds.

Our integration specialists ensure optimized configuration for maximum information sharing, enhanced detection, and unified workflows between your stack and our SOC platform.

We maximize your security capabilities and ROI through expert tool integration. Contact us today to connect your solutions!

04 / Deep Integration

With consolidated data and deep integrations across your security stack, our SOC platform provides unified visibility and analysis to detect threats that individual tools miss.

By correlating events, alerts, vulnerabilities, and other data points across endpoints, networks, clouds, emails, identities, and custom applications, we can connect the dots between detection silos.

Our SOC platform leverages integrated threat intelligence to further enhance monitoring, hunting, and incident response. Bi-directional connectors share context to automatically update threats between your existing tools and our platform.

Tight orchestration enables executing response actions across your infrastructure to contain and remediate threats. Our security automation playbooks can isolate compromised endpoints, block IPs, revoke access, disable users, quarantine emails, and more.

Unified visibility minimizes blind spots, while automation reduces response times from days to minutes. Collaborative human-machine threat hunting ensures the most advanced attacks don't slip through the cracks.
Get started on maximizing your security ROI through op
timized interoperability and enhanced detection powered by integrated AI.

05 / Experts

Our expert security engineers and solution architects ensure seamless integration with any technologies across your environment, maximizing detection, compliance and response capabilities.

We follow proven methodologies to rapidly link new data sources via:

  • Cloud-based APIs and connectors

  • Log collection and ingestion

  • Endpoint agents for continuous data access

  • Direct database access when required

  • Custom scripting and integration as needed

Our integration factory streamlines the process leveraging pre-built templates, recipes, and connectors tailored to each product and use case. Tight partnerships with leading vendors ensure optimized API implementation.
With integrated threat intelligence and unified data correlation, we strengthen the value
of your existing security investments. Contact us today to consolidate tools, maximize visibility, enhance workflows, and start detecting more threats!

Contact us today!

Security Tool Integration
Optimized Integration Across Your Security Stack

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