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Continuous Exposure Mapping and Vulnerability Management
01 / Vulnerability Scanning

Our SOC plaform performs continuous vulnerability scanning across your entire digital infrastructure to create an accurate asset inventory
and identify misconfigurations and unpatched systems.

Key scanning capabilities:

  • Internal and external network scanning - Web application scanning

  • Cloud environment scanning

  • Mobile device scanning

  • SCADA/ICS scanning

  • Credentialed vs uncredentialed scanning

  • Endpoint agent-based scanning

  • Open-source intelligence gathering


We customize scanning to your environment and regulations using a combination of commercial scanning tools and purpose-built scripts.

02 / Vulnerability Prioritization

We analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities based on real-world exploitability and impact to your specific business using a
risk-based approach. Critical flaws get addressed first.

03 / Remediation Tracking

Discovered vulnerabilities get documented in our portal with remediation guidance. We track issues to closure and generate reports to demonstrate remediation progress.

04 / Exposure Analytics

Using vulnerability data, we analyze your digital exposure over time and identify areas requiring improvement. This enables risk reduction forecasting.

Get continuous visibility into your attack surface along with the guidance needed to meaningfully reduce business risk.

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Vulnerability Scanning
and Management

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